Orca! OMG :o

Wot happen to that bitch. A whole day without a single word or photograph? From such a maniac bullshit blogger? Are we sposed to worry ’bout that bitch now?

No, no, my friends. Despite spennding the whole day eating backwards I’m decently okay now, no problem. Computer repair lady told me a super trick, after I almost threw up in her workshop: When you’re sick in the stomach just eat some pickled ginger. It’s sposed to help super quick. So Orca to the convenience store … shiiiit, they don’t stock pickled ginger right now. So Orca grab handful small sushi platters, which always come with some ginger. And that stuff did heal me indeed. So after a couple hours sweating and hurting on the couch Orcsi is back in action now.

This fukn throw-up virus is going around town since weeks already and I dunno anybody who didn’t suffer from it. Last couple days it was hubby … he prolly infected me … that arse. Well, was only a question of time until it was time for the virus to hit fair little me as well. But now I’m good again. Tired and fukn hungry … but good.

\o/ YAY! \o/

Well, I dunno if you find  that a reason for yaying, me is happy like a fortune  cookie. 😉


And the best is, now that I’m feeling better I still have some sushi leftovers left over for breakfast … if hubby didn’t eat it in the meantime.

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