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And yet another hardware manufacturer we need/must boycot. Sorry Fi, but after Lenovo just made asses of themselves now it’s HP falling from grace. Delivering good servers to bad people, to fascist instruments of destabilization  and supresssion is still a no-no for most of us. So I hope HP will feel the impact of what they’ve done, will see it at the sinking sales and profit numbers.


Now Orca ain’t in the market for a nifty server right now anyway, not even for a new private desktop. And even if she were she’d build them herself. So companies like HP are only good for one thing: Buy old banged-up machines second hand for cheap prices and use them as home servers and/or Linux crash test dummies.

But back on topic: What wonders me the most is the stupidity, the brainfart Mrs. Fiorina is showing here. My god, as a CEO person with an industry giant isn’t she sposed to be smart n shit? »What I knew at that time was our nation had been attacked« sounds exactly like some country hicks barking after a night of boozing at the local waterhole. It makes no sense, is badly informed and wrongwrongwrong. Only if she counts only the top 1% of the population, the 200 families as “the nation” she might be correct in her hastily drawn assertment. On the whole it seems to me like she was just badly informed and on a full Revenge is ours! trip when she joined the mean machine.

Anyway, I bet she even gave away those truckloads of hardware to the NSA for fukn free, which makes the whole affair even more ugly. Because servers don’t grow on trees, and even if they did, it cost money to own the plantation. So while the NSA got the shit for free every customer, business or private, payed for them. In other words you’re not only being taxated for being spied on, no no, it’s not as cheap and simple as that. You’re paying the hidden costs as well.

But, please, read the article yourself … it’s not getting any better. Fascists of the world unite! 😦

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