This is …



Cool? No, it’s too cute for that.

Interesting? Ya, kinda. A little.

Intelligent? Yes, but it won’t help you becoming any smarter.

It’s a beautiful trip! Like full of magic shrooms and lucid dreams in technicolor. LSD? No, fuk, wayyy better… and cheaper too. But I can’t deny it looks like the makers maybe shmoked a few too many of the good ‘erbs.

I guess it’s just art, and it’s highly contagious. And if you don’t like it you can always use the link or show it to others just in order to annoy the heck outta them. Looksee here:


As you can see there are some ways to influence Arkadia’s appearence on your screen But why would you do it, isn’t what you see overwhelming enough? Me, I got lost in the detail after like 2 minutes during this journey into eternity. The camera is permanently zooming in and all the colours are perpetually shifting and changing. It is fukin beautiful! I wonder how the effect would be if you try it on drugs … but sorry, sober me is not up for an experiment right now.


Try it out now you should. Once you opened Arkadia switch to full screen mode for even better effect and … get lost in the colours.


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