MintBox Mini Finally Available, Oooooh YumYum :)

I showed you the MintBox Mini some time ago, and today Clem (head honcho of Linux Mint) posted about 3 boxes the development team got sent by the manufacturer, Compulab. Here are some of the pictures he snapped of the new little thing:

mint1 Looks pretty yummy, eh? And offers lots of connectivity. Much more than much biggerer Laptops.

mint2Connectivity on all sides. And the specs are pretty cool as well. I guess for 295 US$/€ (from you can’t ask for more. It’s a fukn bargain and I’d order one or two immediately if I hadn’t just built a new computer for SL and got a new netbook as well. So usually this would be my new computer. 😉

mint3Even Clem was suprised when he unpacked the MintBox Mini about how small the unit really is. Here in relation to a common Dell mouse we can see the true minuscule dimensions of this fresh minty yummyness.


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