Fitlet? Huh???

Heyyy Fraggles, you must remember my blog about the MintBox Mini and how I was pleasantly surprised by this litle bundle of joy … without even trying it out myself. But it’s little, it’s smart and it’s fukn mint green! Plus you’re supporting a worthy project as Linux Mint has proven it’s value time and again, from distro to distro.

Well, now finally there is a video about how it performs under real life conditions. Granted, it’s not the real MintBox Mini but CompuLab’s “civilian”, not green box, which is but the same in every other regard.

It needs to be said, Tom of the Switched to Linux channel is a computer pro, and he knows what he’s doing. So he had no need to buy the “branded” MintBox since he’s capable of installing his own Linux distro onto it.

Very very small but astonishingly powerful.

And as was to be expected, Tom brought the little computing box to its knees, when he had video capture and a lot of stuff running and mocked up a webdesign. Of course. This ain’t a powerful supercomputer, Let’s not get delusional here. What it is is a nifty little office warior for all your day to day computing tasks, not more, not less.

The question remains: Do I recommmend the MintBox Mini?


But also rather not.

Listen, if you’re a girl, unsavvy, totally stupid but wanna try out your first steps in Linux, and have some dollars to spare, then yes. Go for it and get immediate access to a wonderful Linux system, ready to go and without the need for you to get your hands dirty.

If otoh you don’t have a problem reformating hardware and installing software on a computer, if you’re knowledgeable enough to buy yourself a machine, then NO, don’t bother. Maybe do like Orca, get one of the microsmall Lenovos (if you really wanna go ultrasmall form factor), install your own favourite Linux distro on it and end up with something better for less money.

So the MintBox Mini is truly a wonderfully easy way to get your first Linux, readily installed on cute hardware. But you’ll pay for it.

Get your MintBox Mini and other preinstalled Linux machines from the Linux Mint store.

Or … if like Tom you like the computer but don’t wanna support the Mint team and don’t like green, then you can always just order a CompuLab Fitlet box directly from Amazon.


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