I’m in Love!

This is fun but not the last word in computing.

… with yet another small little computer. Of course, what else. Anyhoo, you surely remember Compulab as the makers of very tiny aircooled, fanless, computers, among other for Linux Mint. You know those nifty but weakish pocket computers …

But the machine I wanna show you now is neither ultra tiny nor is it particularly cheap, so this won’t make a nice Linux tester. Oh well, it would, but at a hardly justifiable price. πŸ˜‰ The Compulab Airtop 2 is a small form factor silent gaming PC. Don’t ask me why a gaming PC must be quiet when your games are blasting with explosions and gunfire and broohoohaa. But it is what it is and the resulting computer is an adorable masterpiece of technology, well worth of my love.


Intel i7 and Nvidia GTX1060 is the last word … kinda!

Peek-insideIt is gorgeous, right? So thought our friend Linus as well and made this video:

But, as he found out, the Airtop ain’t perfect: 3700 dollers is rather … uh, well, yeah …


Ok, yes. Why am I showing you such an insanely expensive and stupidly out of range computing machine here in Orca’s usually moderately reasonable bloggy? Because it is sooo gorgeous, so practical, so everything I’ve ever wished for. Because it’s a rather uncompromising powerhouse computer in a small box. Because it is lovely!


Airtop2-frontHey, don’t get me wrong. Yes, I like to show you options for getting cool usable computers you may use to play with GNU/Linux distros. I don’t want you to risk the life of your main machines. No matter what you do, I want you to always be able to log into SL and do all your usual tasks, so keep them on Windows. At least in the beginning. That’s why you need a dedicated machine to install Linux on. And the Airtop is clearly in another league.

Airtop2-back1Converting as many of you to Linux is but one of my goals. The others are to publish lots of useless shit and nonsense … and America bashing. =^.^= Anyhoo, the Airtop doesn’t exactly fall in the category of computers I’d suggest as Linux testers, but I just had to show it to you. Because once you’ve fallen in love with Linux, you might notice that your old computer ain’t good enough anymore. You may discover that computing can in fact be super fun and you will want a betterer main machine for it. And the Airtop can be exactly that machine!

Airtop 2 exploded!


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  1. No response? No shouting at me for posting totally unreasonable computers? Are you all out, shopping for your own Airtops, or what?
    Thar She Blows! readers are lovely people. πŸ˜‰


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