A Stupid Graph

Found this in Lunduke Journal. It’s only one graph of a handful that were made after a big survey among computer users:

Say what you want, “Manjaro ain’t real AchLinux” or “Manjaro users are fakes” or whatever. We rank much higher on the happiness list than vanilla Arch. πŸ˜‰ We even outrank the most happy distro evaar, Mint!

Jus’ sayin’.

BTW: Any of you amazing people using Pop!_OS? Why does it rank soooo much above the Minty? Why do you love it so much better?


    • Yes, mhm, surveys are kinda stupid among Linux users. We are only few but we have a very wide span of interests, tasks and tools at our discretion. Windows users use Windows, Mac users use MacOS … and that’s it. While in Linux you won’t find 2 ppl with the same system among the 6,000 surveyed. My Manjaro desktop looks exactly the same as my Mint desktop would look like, maybe apart from the wallpaper, while other Manjo users are building freakish, real Arch systems.

      I guess many Linux users are totally desktop agnostic. They just don’t care, or they’re using some WM or are working exclusively in the terminal. And then we have masses of headless servers … all Linux machines.

      We are unpollable. And that is good so!


      • We are unpollable…

        Most sites just see what OS it is and all Linuxes get counted as Linux. 2% worldwide OS Market share for *ALL* Linuxes combined…compare that to just Chrome OS wid a worldwide OS market share of 1.06%. Linux is an Enterprise OS, but has testers like you who test it for free, as a toy desktop OS.

        So-called polling sites like DistroWatch ‘n whatever one you’re referring to here are jokes…at best.

        Some Linuxes makes great portable OSes and/or secondary OSes to Windows…

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        • It was a poll, conducted by Lunduke or some of his friends. so they made a destinction between distros. I’m not testing anything for free, I got my OS for free and enjoy it not as a tester for any enterprise. That only happens to *buntu, suse, Red Hat/Fedora, some Debian and Oracle users. I don’t think any enterprise uses Arch based distros. Arch is too precious and sexy for something as mundane as that.

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