South Africa: Down, €urope: Down

You might have heard it. Due to Germany’s terribly awful stewardship of the good ship Europa, the €uro currency is getting into trubbelz, right? Once that quibble with Russia is over there will only remain a steamin’ hot pile of rubble. Angry anti-war, anti-NATO protests are roaring all over Europe as the natives get restless. Seen how many proud anti-Russian state leaders were forced to retire lately? In one of the Baltic states the whole govt stepped down, who knows what’s to become of the country.

Buuuut, that’s no reason for happiness. Well, except for our American friends and allies it is indeed. With Germany out of the way 50% of their long-term plan all went well for them. The other 50%, ruin Russia, didn’t pan out at all. but that’s how it is in life: Win some – lose some. And the USA will lose heavily in the next couple years, I can predict that much.

And Germany’s gvt’s day are numbered as well. The ruling coalition stands no, absolutely no chance to ever be elected again. And this, my frens, this ain’t the usual political up n down as we knew it in the past. We definately live in exciting times, the whole world order is shifting rapidly away from a unilateral America-centric world to a multipolarity South/East dominated one.

Buuuut, what happens to South Africa right now? I mean they did everything right. Laughed Blinken and that terrible woman out of the country, didn’t put sanctions on Russia, playing nice with China and are an all around model global citizen.

So look at this shit here.

R 19.14 for 1 €!!! 😮

Not complaining, since we’re on the winning side. Hubby and me get our little money in the form of €uros, directly from Germany. We regard everything above 17:1 superduper cool. And now this. What even to call this? Superer Duperer Coolerer?

And we know how come: It’s the fuxn Eskom and the energy crisis with all the powercuts. This costs the SA economy billions each and every day. But what makes this all really terrifying for us is that we know exactly Europe/Germany is going down in parallel with SAfrica. So no matter how many Rands we get for our €uros, the prices for imports will hike to a very uncomfy level. 😦

It’s not healthy living close to power lines. Eskom makes it healthier by not sending any electricity through those cables.

Fortunately our little house is ours, fair and square, and we don’t have much in terms of energy costs. We don’t use a heater and, due to the shortages, much less electricity than ever before.

In terms of food supply is SA mostly independent and doesn’t rely on imports. We might miss some German food brands. Dr. Oetker’s World Cuisine is nice (and locally produced as I just see, so no shortages in to fear) but my absolutely fave cookies are imported from Turkey, our special friends. So we’ll live through this global recession.

Not too shabby for a pre-cooked meal.

I guess South Africa and we expatriots are getting away only slightly scratched once Russia is finished wiping the floor with Ukraine, hostile America, treacherous €uropa, NATO and all the other empire and client states of the collective West.

And anyway: South Africa is not (yet) on anybody’s shitlist, they’re faaar out of the way and apart from their membership in BRICS and the African Union I guess not too attached to any risky groups. In short: SA isn’t in any country’s cross-hairs. 😉

Excuse me, gotta find my old hammock, work a bit on my tan now. =^.^=

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