Computers are Weird

No, this is not weird. It’s just a Linux update of my Manjaro system … and it went without any problems and even installed the latest Linux kernel 6.1.9-1. Did I mention already at earlier occasions how satisfied I am with Manjaro Linux?

The weirdness I wanna show you is this:

These 3 computers are my fantastically cleaned and maintained desktop and laptop computers and hubby’s slutty old Acer schlepptop. Here is the weirdness: All 3 are on Manjaro with the Mate desktop environment, latest update installed and all 3 are connected to the same router, so they should be identical, no? They all show different times! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Desktop is 2 minutes before my lappy, which is another minute earlier than hubby’s thing. :/

Correct me if I’m wrong but afaik all computers worldwide, which are connected to the internet, receive the time from the Atom Clock somewhere in a cave deep within the Swiss Alps. Which made me think they all should show the identical time – timezones adjusted. And this is independent from operating system or how fast the processors are.

Weirdly enough my fastest PC shows the time already 2, respectively 3, minutes later than the 2 laptops. So on my good desktop my imaginary boss is already shouting at me while on hubby’s lame lappy I still have 3 minutes of coffee ciggie pee break.

Any more scientifically minded people around here? Do you know different facts than me or how this came about? Not a conspiracy theorist but maybe I’m onto something sinister here?

PS: Hubby is just a stupid male but no fear, he’s not putting yellow post-it notes on his screen. This is a standard function of almost all Linux distros, which makes him kinda smart for using it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Thx for info, Linda. Well, all 3 are on the same router, same ISP, same fiber strang. And they all should have the same ISP adress or what’s that called since they are located in the same house and for that photo even on the same desk.

      I don’t think the OS has anything to do with “the feed”.


        • That’s all Bohemian villages for me, only know that Manjaro Linux runs on systemd. And all 3 computers have the same OS running, that’s why I’m so baffled about the time differences. I didn ‘t set or install nuffink, a simple system clock is part of the system and comes pre-installed.


            • Manufacturers did shit on our machines. I assembled the desktop myself, he’s seen nothing but Linux OSes and software, ever. My lappy came with Linux Mint that I swapped for first EOS and now Manjo. Hubby’s lappy came originally with Windows … oh, XP or sumfink. Throughout its long life it was cleaned out a dozen times and lately we put a new SSD in to lenghten its life span even further. In any case, there in nothing in any of our systems that was ever done by any manufacturer.

              And we did nothing, just installed Manjaro without changing any of those mundane settings. Of course they were installed with Manjo of different generations but since it’s a rolling release they are all on the same up-to-dateness. That’s the beauty of rolling distros.


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