It Never Gets Old

… driving an oldtimey vehicle, as you get surprises each and every day.

For example today. When I left the gym I couldn’t close the driver’s door anymore. So I drove quickly to Koos’ shop where his trusty elf took care of the non-snapping snaplock, so everything is cool now. Just a question of how long it takes for the next little catastrophe to kick in.

That’s why we love our oldtimers so much, don’t we? Soo much fun!

How was the driving with an open door? No problem as long as the road is straight or we’re driving right bends. Turning left is a bit more problematic since it usually need at least 3 hands, 2 on the wheel, 1 keeping the door shut. 😐


  1. Emergency kit should always be carried in junkers. Maybe a pistol if a mob carrying matches, gasoline and old tires approaches. Rope & heavy duty string is a must in a junker after a door starts not closing. Designing the kit yourself generally works best on old junkers since you know it better than most. Battery starters are great items to have and have gotten incredibly small in recent years. I have a GOOLOO Portable Car Jump Starter 1200A that keeps a charge for a long time and is easy to use. Small air pump is another handy item.

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    • Portable jump starter and air pump are on the list for the long overdue Namibia expedition. Thx for the hint. Pistol I’d maybe need in the near future. Not for Namibia but more locally. We’re getting overrun here by our colourful fellow human beings.


    • Good idea with the seatbelt. Finally a good use for it. πŸ™‚

      Fortunately is the way to the workshop all right turns (one of them a pretty sharp high fun, high speed 90Β° curve), only 2 little left turns, directly when leaving the gym parking lot and before entering the workshop’s yard. So I survived the ordeal without greater danger for my life.


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