I’ve Wasted Enough Money on Bad Star Wars Movies

… so you’ll forgive me for freeloading some good Star Wars stuff, ya? Way I see it, Disney owes me this little extravaganza.

On the download: The Bad Batch S02E03, in other words the third episode of the second season of the charming computer animated Star Wars series The Bad Batch.

So, when the power goes out for 4 hours in about half an hour time, I have the 3 first episodes to entertain me. 🙂


  1. I’ve not turned on torrent software in years, and there it is built right into Mint.
    I should really build another Dark Web machine, and climb back down that rabbit hole.
    Then I need never leave the house.

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    • Hm, yes. As a Brit you better not turn on the “sharing is caring” software. 😦 Remember you’re America’s bitch, so not only MI6 but also CIA and NSA and countless other 3-letter organsiations do have direct access on you! 😮
      What do you mean with “It’s not fair”? You’re dealing with the UK and US govts here, fairness was never an option! 😐


      • But there is always the option of using a VPN service. Hubby and me are happy with Proton. They are Swiss based and save as a battle tank. Just mascquerade as a South African or Russian or Nicaraguanito … and you’re untouchable. =^.^=


        • BTW, Disney really owes me! We never ever go to the cinema, usually. But specifically in order to watch SW 7, 8, 9, Rogue One, and Solo we made an exception. The resulting damage can never be be fixed. :/


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