Oubaas Therapy: Day 69

Koos sent two almost identical dirty lens pics today, and just wrote “Welding” in his Whatsapp message:

Sorry, I can’t see where and what he’s welding. Oubaas. Yes. Something at the hi top. Yes, that too. But what he’s exactly doing, no fuxn idea. Good thing is that I don’t even need to know, right? Koos is the man with the plan, so I guess he kinda knows what he’s doing. 😉

BTW, wanna know what Oubaas would be like if he was kinda humanoid creature?

Like so: Undead, lots of foreign parts, heavy smoker.

Good old times, Ouby more dead than alive. 🙂


    • Naaw, I don’t think so. He’s a little artist when it comes to car styling but has n o clue about photography. And the Frankenford pic ain’t me but Oubaas in its current state.


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