Holidays in SA

Tell me, fellow citizens of other countries, do you have as many, and similar holidays?

In Germany, for comparison, Xmas eve and New Years eve are each half-day off, the 25th and 26th are holidays, same as New Years Day, so most Germans take 27, 28, 29, 30 off and have 9 days uninterrupted vacation that cost them only 4 days of vacation days. And that is the worst case. Mostly you have some kinda weekend involved which makes your winter vacation a bit longer, resp. costs you less vacation days. 2022 is a rather bad year for employees and pupils. :/

But the amount of holidays here in SA is remarkably high, no? And I like how they compensate for the lost day if a holiday falls on a Sunday.

Me? Personally? I’m good, haven’t werked a day since 31 October 99, ThankYouVeryMuch.

How’s the situation in your neck of the woods?


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