It’s Not Nice

… to degrade gamer grrls, and wimmin in IT to little bunny rabbits! 😦

Bullshit, of course it’s nice, very nice!

Even non-Asian grrls get the pink neko treatment, rather plump fatties like this photo model are no exception. If the bishies insist on pink equipment, let them be … and let them be objectified. I mean what are we even talking about, the 0.00000027% wimmin in PC gaming? The 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000011% of mighty geek grrls in GNU/Linux?

Phuk all dat! As long as nobody forces her majesty, the Intergalactic Imperial Queen Orcadia to wear pink headphones I say moar powa to Razer and their nekoed cans.

How they sound? Who tf cares? The targeted customer group won’t notice any difference anyway. As long as they come with kawai neko ears they will sell like hot sushi. 😐


  1. “sooo stupid”
    You wanted to say “sooo fun” I assume. πŸ˜‰
    In the year 2022 we don’t think in classical categories like stupid and smart and shit anymore. As long as we can still have some fun we do it! Or maybe it’s my age showing coz I’m becoming more shamelessly honest and in-ya-face with every passing day.


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