Nice Looking Hardware for Your Linux

You know it’s inevitable, right? The way Microsoft, Apple and Google are fucking with you make it a necessity to jump over to Linux. Sooner … not later. Later is too late! So be prepared and get machinery that’s up for the task, so during the transition period you can still phase out of of your old windowsy lifestyle without missing a beat.

And you know that Orca is totally against dual-booting Linux and Windows on the same machine, as that always ends in tears. Your tears. 😦 So, if you can’t find any will-do-for-now hardware in your house or the goodwill store, you need to bite into the sour apple and get something new.

Well, China is your fren! Looksy:

Of course are the specs not the best and a bit last season but you’ll be surprised how well this machine will do on Linux. Also it sports many ports for all your external goodies, like keyboards, mice, SSDs, printers, scanners, monitors n shit.

Oh, and it’s whisper quiet coz fanless!

PS: Did those cheeky Chinks really name this thing the Fuck You Too?

Not entirely as nice looking as the FU02 but better in any meaningful way is this offer by Beelink:

Now this little machine is sooo much more than just a transitional tool but will be the most powerful PC you ever had! This is for much more than just distro testing, the GTR6 can easily replace every IT thing you ever owned! Of course it’s a bit more pricey than the YuckFoo but you’ve earned it. I mean you wanna arrive on planet Linux in style dontcha?

And even if you’re a total doofus and industry shill and can’t warm up to Linux, the Beelink will be your bestest Windblows machine as well. :/

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