The Usual Suspects

As a pseudo movie critic I must state this is bad CGI. LOL.
The only way to deal with this shit: Making fun of it.
As always were the Russians too thicc to even notice how sucky their missiles are, so they went on to succeed.
Nice try to hide the incriminating facts, Magda, but we already know.
… and thank you for permitting Gazprom to investigate its own property. (Former) NS2 bizniz partner Germany doesn’t seem interested in finding out they teamed up with the wrong side. 😦
No, really? 😮 All NATO achieved was uniting India and Pakistan behind the Russia/China protective wall.
USA warns against the USA?
Yes, I remember that shameful time, when NATO Germany started an offensive war on Serbia. And even more shameful that they’re now complaining about Russia.

Know what, my peeps, I’m through with the collective West. Let me collect our last paychecks, before the €uro loses all its value, and then we move away to some shithole in Africa!

Oooops, we already did, like 20 years ago. 😉

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