The Usual Linux Suspects

… according to DistroWatch:

Since times immeasurable we see the same 5 Linux distros on top of the charts. This is boring. But also reassuring, is it not? It means if you’ve decided to use any of these, for whatever reasons, you’ve made a good choice.

Let Orca spew hatred on MX and Pop, like NATO spews hatred on Russia; the reality is that these 2 delinquents are kinda immovably anchored in their positions #1 and #5. There are more than enough users who took a liking on them, and they all have their reasons. In case of Debian-based MX geekdom and Ubuntu-based Pop! sexyness, totally contrary reasons. But that doesn’t matter because most important is this: They aren’t using Windows or MacOS!

And so can you! πŸ™‚

PS: Noticed that Orca’s fave, Manjaro, is the only distro not showing a downwards trend? Wanna know my personal Top 5?

#1: Manjaro

#2: Mint

#3: Endeavour

#4: MX

#5: Pop!

I wouldn’t touch 4 and 5 with a barge pole tho. But that’s just me …

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