• Let’s hope it will go down further. In times when even the German greens are actively pro re-starting the freshly outlawed nuclear power plants, we fuk them and their Russia-hating wibbly wobbly politics and are not ashamed to wanna burn as much petrol for dirt cheap prices as possible. 🙂


      • I’m totally selfish in this one since Oubaas is kinda guzzler. 😐 And I know I’m not the only one. Transport bizniz on the road is a major factor in German industry, many jobs and hundreds of billions of €uros are connected to it. So I can’t be the only one wanting my cheap petrol back.


    • “something socialists and capitalists can agree on”

      Sorry but I have to nope that. Consumers are waiting for lower gas prices. Consumers can’t – by definition – be capitalists. They might have a capitalistic mindset, which renders them failures.

      Consumers of goods are almost always socialists; not by choice but by design. They care about fairer prices for themselves, a fairer distribution model for goods. In this case – gasoline.


      • Huh, everyone is a consumer (can’t live life without food, or is that not what you mean?) I don’t care for cheaper prices, as long as I can buy my basic needs. I am fine:) Have a great week, Emille

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        • Oooh, according to your theory I’d say raise the prices all you want. We are only a 2 person household and can have food for quite a while, no matter how far the capitalist food conglomerates are raising the prices and lowering the quality. Is it that what you’re saying, Emille?

          But that’s not entirely what I meant by consumer: I meant all goods, oil, gas, cars, motorcycles, housing, computers, boats, clothing, education, kidz (some real stupid people see those as a necessity), entertainment, tools, vacations, furniture, public transport …

          With all those goods the price/quality is a major concern for me and most other people around the globe. And that is what makes most of us followers of the socialist distribution model.


          • You force me to think, and think out of the box – I like that. True, I meant äll things – not only food. But I also cut off what I am not able to pay, because I do not like getting in debt. So is that socialism to you?

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            • No, you’re right, that’s not socialism but just clever money handling. True capitalists want us to spend more, in order to fill their coffers. They are not interested in fair prices, fair wages, good quality, even distribution and all that pesky human stuff. That’s why I said as a consumer I can’t be a capitalist.


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