Oubaas as You’ve Never Seen Him Before

And neither have I. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Left side rear panel. Shiny metal after they have removed 4 or 5 layers of paint. Now they will soak it in special anti-rust sauce and then start preparing for respray.

The wheel is still dirty from my playing in the mud during the water mains breakage of June 23.


    • No, I couldn’t. Many reasons for that: We don’t have 41k $ and here in SA it would be much more expensive. Even second hand itb would, cost much more than 41k. If you can get one at all. I’m often looking around for the really good Toyota transporters but they get ridden to death and then sold inside the taxi scene. A normal poor whitey has no chance to ever own one. And if I wanna ride in one I gotta jump on a taxi when they’re speeding down the road.

      And what has Oubaas cost me up to date is more or less 4000 US$. Spread out over 4.5 years. And once I’m finished with that thing I’ll have a rare oldie, something of real value, not a shortlived Sprinter with a hateful overengineered diesel engine that can only be repaired by the most expensive dealerships, while each and every bush mechanic can repair my Transit with a spoon and knobkerrie. That comes in handy if we ever break down in the Karoo, Kalahari or Namib. Hardly any Mercedes mechatronics in white lab coats around in those areas. Africa ain’t spoiled America or even spoilderer Europe.

      And … I won’t ever pull my man around in a trailer! What were you thinking???

      And motorbikes are meant to be ridden, not hauled around on a stinkin trailer. Only Americans would ever do so.

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        • Yeah, Americans already know that it suks not being able to live here…I just do dollars, but if that converter was right – “53,869.78 United States Dollar” for a used 2021. I’ll stick wid my paid for 2005 F150 (purchased new) since buying new is best in America. Used autos on a lot get a huge bump in price ‘n short warranty coverage. Now, thanks to the idiots who voted for Biden ‘n Democrats MSM, I can’t afford a bicycle. Trailers have doubled in price…

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          • Far as I know Sprinters aren’t produced in SA but imported. I don’t know car price anyway but I guess they are significantly higher than in Europe. In my whole life I’ve never bought a new car but only old beat up bangers. Hubby was the same, so even when we got onto money we kept our old car. Why give it up if it works fine? I spent some money on motorcyles tho.

            In SA you see lots of brandnew cars. Cars ppl couldn’t possibly affortd to buy. I guess 99% of all the new cars out there are on lease. I prefer to have something not chic or cool … but own it outright. Same with our little unit, no pool, no garage, no fireplace, no big garden … but more than big and comfy enough for hubby and me. And in March we’ve paid the last installment of the home loan and now it’s fukn ours! And that is a good feeling, a damn good feeling. Even the worst economic crisis won’t get us out of our little snailshell!

            That’s I guess the biggest difference between Ameirca and the real world: Y’all living in fat-ass mansions with park-like gardens and triple garages and … suddenly, quasi overnight you move into a carton box under the nearest bridge. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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          • Buut isn’t it that if you purchase a new car, the moment you drive off the dealer’s lot your brandnew, bespoke, freshly delivered car loses ~20% of what you paid for it? Can’t happen with an old banger. One day I buy it for, say, 700$ (Oubaas’s price) and next day, next week, even years later it’s still at least 700$ worth. I got offers far higher than that. Far far higher. But I made up my mind and am going to invest much more money into it. It’s kinda hobby now, even if I can’t do much myself now. I’ll do the camper conversion and wheelchair safety myself once the technical stuff is done.

            \o/ Grrlpower! \o/


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