Why No Linux Distro Reviews

… in this blog anymore, Orca?

Glad you asked, dear reader, and happy to assist you in your quest. πŸ˜‰

General tiredness could be a possible answer and is even kinda right. After almost 9 years working with Linux, I’m personally super duper happy with what I got. I know exactly what I want from my OS, and I got it.

I figured it all out. By myself. I know what I need to know without turning into a nerdy geek, and now all other distros are turning me off. I’m not curious anymore, lost my will to explore the wild wide Linux sphere. Coz after a while of distrohopping and testing you find the formula. It’s always a combination of base distro paired with a desktop environment or a window manager. In the end it’s always a combination of these two things.

It’s boring. At least for me it is. I’m happy with my pretty mainstream Manjaro distro + Mate desktop. Werkz for me. Doesn’t werk for most others coz is no kool and zero fancy. But I am not the youngest spring chicken anymore, so I don’t need to impress anyone with my fancy loud desktop. I’m generally the sole person ever using my computers. Hubby occasionally but he’s on the same combo as me, just with different look and feel.

Catch my drift? I’m too bored with Linux to invest many thoughts and much labour into just testing new distros and writing about them. Not one of the available Linuxes on the market would get a positive review from me. Mostly for the same reasons you would probably love them for.

And that’s why I more or less stopped doing tests and reviews. Couple days ago installed LXLE on one of my test PCs, just to look if it’s gotten better. Found out immediately that it remained the same, which isn’t acceptable for me but would maybe be totally cool with you. Because it’s lightweight and should run super fine on your museum hardware. So I thought why not look at LXLE again and write about it in TSB!?

Naaaw. Wrote about it a dozen times and my final judgment was the same … every time.

But please don’t think Imma gunna stop promoting GNU/Linux and FOSS! Coz it’s super duper! I just don’t feel like delving into systems I don’t like and that will never make it onto my production machine.

I won’t get tired of telling you what to install as your first – and maybe also last – Linux and what to upgrade to. And I won’t get tired of telling you that per se there are no upgrades. Say you installed Linux Mint/Cinnamon (the bestest beginners’ and allround distro evaar) and are happy with it – why upgrade? Where to? I spent all my Linux life on some or the other Arch Linux fork, not coz I’m such a grrlgeek but that’s what I learned.

Do I think Arch is better than Ubuntu/Debian-based Mint? Yes! Absolutely.

For me.

Maybe not for you. I am biased, n00bie you are not.

So expect the one or other short report when I stumble upon a new Arch-based distro but no allround Linux reviews. I was never good at those anyway.

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