Gross Domestic Diary: Day 802

Goeie môre fellow mense

Life is weird, innit? And so is living in end-times of a global pandemic and the beginning of an economic recession. Or is that just in The West? Look at this and be astonished as I was:

Fukn stinky poohole South Africa? Already back on pre-pandemic levels? We’re still running around with masks on, unemployment is worse than ever before and the economy must be totally in the shitter. So everybody thought.

But no.

We be gud! 🙂

Read this snippet from the IOL article and be amazed:

Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) today said the size of the economy was now at pre-pandemic levels, with real GDP slightly higher than what it was before the Covid-19 pandemic.
On the production side of the economy, StatsSA said that 8 of the 10 industries recorded positive growth in the first quarter, with manufacturing activity being the star performer.
StatsSA said the sharp increase in manufacturing output was mainly driven by a rise in the production of petroleum and chemicals, food and beverages, and metals and machinery.
(emphasis mine)

Wot? Okay, prices for food and petrol are higher than ever before but here, in sub-saharan Africa the economy wizkids don’t fear a famine like it’s predicted for north Africa and Europe. We have enough of everything … as long as we can afford it. 😐 I guess that’s the good part of being located in the center of the globe and friendly with everybody, the West and the East.

I hope you guys live well and unfazed by that unholy vain peacock war on Russia and China. I bet as soon as the dark blot Ukraine is no threat to humanity anymore this, too, will end with satisfaction all around. I’ve heard theories that most European countries will sever all relations with the USA and finally find their own way (to the East?) It’s about time. But that’s a topic for another day.



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