Nonsense Diary: Day 759

Good afternoon my sweet babies

I don’t know the actual situation at your location and how much Covid-19 and its mutations are still featured in the media, here in SA we hardly got any news and the situation was and still is rather relaxed. As far as I can see nobody panics but everybody’s wearing their masks when indoors and/if around other people. Pretty unspectacular, pretty much like it was during the last 2 years. Even the most rebellious people are doing the right thing. At least in public and when watched by security guards.

Does anyone still believe in the Covid scare?

I guess most people don’t. Still no reason to behave like Americans and create a scene. As soon as I’m all alone or as I’m seated in my car the mask comes off. Not a second earlier.

Anyhoo, today in IOL we had 4 new headlines under the Omicron search term, of which one didn’t work at all and the other 3 are … ugh, see for yourself:

Nice advice, thank you very much. Didn’t know that infections rise in winter, is it true? Do I need a Covid booster shot to protect myself from the common cold now? And may I ask very innocently who’s paying Professor Ramneek’s salary?

WTF? Health experts predict an uptick in infections during the winter season? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ And it coincides with the 5th wave? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ You don’t say. Oh my, captain Obvious, what we gonna do??? I tell ya wot we gunna do: Nothing. Absolutely fukall! We’ll get the sniffels like in every winter since forevah!

Coz, I dunno if anybody did care to tell you, the deaths caused by Vaccination side effects far outweigh the very few Covid-19 victims. And hubby with his hyperactive immune system got told often enough not to get vaccinated against other shit, so why would he now say yes to a largely useless Covid inoculation?

Aaaaand … icy tentacles??? This is Africa afterall. Jeebuz! ๐Ÿ˜

Those are the Corona news we wanna hear, no? While Germans and neighbours hardly dare taking a breath – coz of deadly virus – in Rio de Janeiro they having a blast! And I bet it’s gonna be super duper cool and the infection rates will stay low.

Yes, I know this is a mass spreader event and a lot of people will prolly catch some form of the Omicron virus … and most won’t even notice.

Did anyone see Lucy?

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