Here’s Why

… only the koolest of all the kool kidz are using EndeavourOS:

Yeah, the new Ubuntu is cool. But EndeavourOS Apollo is the NEXT STEP for people who are already familiar with Linux. Newest tech and packages before anybody else, Arch User Repositories, ONE Package Management and so many other features make Endeavour a great operating system.

Downlaod EndeavourOS Apollo:

As of today afternoon my laptop is also back on EOS. Manjaro acted a bit weird and Orca doesn’t react nicely to weirdness.

And again: No, this ain’t for you if you a n00b. Stick with Mint for a while and then slowly progress to Manjaro first. ‘kay?

But also the new Ubuntu isn’t cool at all. Being better than all the other Ubuntu flavours doesn’t make you a good distro. 😐


  1. Durn!?! You make me dizzy watching you switch back ‘n forth wid those two Toy OSes. No wonder you have lost all your ‘Muse Magic‘!?

    You can get a legal MS Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL-Lifetime for $19.84 from VIP-URcdkey…probably less if you register first ‘n they send you a code for a nice discount. Buy two ‘n put them on those two nice new computers…upgrading them to Win11 Pro is free ‘n easy. Win11 Pro keys are $28.50 if you’re too lazy to upgrade. 😉 Leave Linux on those old computers.

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        • “bootlegging MS is a felony”

          Yes, of course it is! It’s a closed source software and itt’s commercial, so Microsoft have an eye on it. Otoh it’s not worthy to be stolen and probably getting into trubbelz for it. Me, I’m getting dizzy watching you using Linux and Windows at the same time and promoting Wndows. Doesn’t compute. 😮

          And also weird, I’ve never got an FBI warning. It’s almost like my fave moovie pirate site wants me to download all that Hollywood stinkypoo. And my govt couldn’t care less. And the ISP, they are of the opinion that what I do with the bandwith is kinda my bizniz, not theirs. As long as they can withdraw their monthly service fee from my acc they be happy. ^.^

          For the rest there are VPNs, no? We use ours to watch German television.

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          • Yeah, have been testing Tails ‘n new “simplified” Kodachi 8.20 for a few days now…seeing which one might be best for Pirate Bay ‘Stuff‘.

            Started downloading almost 9 GB (?) The Expanse season 5 wid Tails…watched ‘n waited watched ‘n waited watched ‘n waited until I decided that waiting a “day+” longer was reducing my labor value to about $1 an hour. Tails does offer a secure method, but it’s a major pain to work wid, especially when they are busy. Tails needed to have a BitTorrent client added also. I couldn’t get anything to be saved wid the Persistent setting, so had to start…anyway a pain to work wid.

            Kodachi has TOR also, plus an even more secure customized Firefox, plus their own VPN, plus they had Transmission as their default BitTorrent client. Tried several tests…then went for a 1.3 GB download which looked like a two hour download. I dunno about these torrents…seem too slow for me when I can buy some of the ones I want for $10 or less. Did like Kodachi a lot better than Tails tho…

            Gave up on Pirate Bay ‘n ordered Yellowstone: Season 4 (DVD) for $16.99 from Walmart. Then went to Amazon ‘n found Vikings: Season 6 Volume 2 for $19.96 and an old old old TV series I have spent years looking for – Shaka Zulu wid Henry Cele for $19.96. Blu-ray was $49.99 ‘n I almost went for that. I recorded it on tape years ‘n years ago…then some years later transferred that tape to a DVD wid new DVD recorder. As TV’s got better, that old Shaka series viewing quality got worse. Have about 600+ movies recorded wid that old DVD recorder ‘n about 400 of them are still HD quality.

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            • Isn’t TAILS as *buntu distro? Anyhoo, I never use such nonsense as I’m not a geek. Heck, we don’t even use a VPN when we go stealing IP. My tools are simple: EOS/Manjo and Qbittorrent. And nobody ever complains because nobody cares. As long as we pay our monthly tributes the ISPs love us. SA must be the mostest freeest country on the planet. =^.^=

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              • Tails is Debian-based. Yeah, I don’t use either of them…am just mainly testing them right now. Tails is very popular wid the poor Russians stuck behind the new Iron Curtain, and apparently Tails is working its tail off (pun intended) to give them a better product. I figured if it can get past Russia’s media lockdown then it can probably fool my ISP Verizon wireless. They face a death sentence if they are caught…I face a life in prison sentence if someone pushed it as a felony, tho I haven’t actually fully downloaded a movie yet.

                Most people don’t want other people stealing their ‘Stuff‘ so I don’t blame businesses for protecting their products either…so to speak.

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                • “They face a death sentence if they are caught”

                  BS. And you know it.

                  While it’s true that Russia still has the death sentence somewhere in its judicial arsenal, it’s put to rest. Wasn’t used since 1,000 years or so. And would never ever be used for piracy or use of a VPN. Heck, guess where all the feared Russian hackers are coming from. And the Russian govt, same as the South African, can’t care less about us little people stealing H-wood moovies.

                  For the death penalty to be unearthed you need to be a heavy case of psychopath mass murderer. I guess that’s why they still keep the death penalty; in case a high profile case triggers huge chunks of the population so strongly they are majorly shouting for the killer to be killed.

                  I dare to purport that the RU is one of the freest countries on the planet. Their constitution is relatively new, same as SA’s, ’93 and ’96 respectively, and it’s kinda very modern and liberal.


  2. I was talking about “Russia’s media lockdown” not about them downloading movies. Russians are desperately seeking the real news ‘n not Putin’s propaganda. That is why Tails has been updating their security. Russia has been murdering it’s citizens and other country’s civilians for decades…no reason needed, and you *KNOW* it! Russian citizens are desperate for the truth…and about news on their sons, husbands & fathers who were forced/tricked into invading Ukraine. Get real Orca!

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    • “Russians are desperately seeking the real news ‘n not Putin’s propaganda.”
      Aren’t we all? As an American you’re far more cut off the real news than any Russian. Fact!
      Govts use propaganda, Russians and Americans alike. But the Russians are fairer it seems. Ever watched or read RT? Then you should know.

      “Russia has been murdering it’s citizens and other country’s civilians for decades”
      And your facts?
      Russia is only 2 decades old and in that short time did much more good for the world than the USA.They don’t act against international law and trying to install capitalist far right regimes all over the world. Quite the contrary: The only military that was officially invited into Syria, to fight ISIS, was the Russian army. While ISIS was financed by the USA. You even accepted the terror organisation of Al Quaeda as an ally. And the Kurdish shitheads. So who is the bad guy here?

      “Russian citizens are desperate for the truth…and about news on their sons, husbands & fathers”
      Isn’t that the same with every military family? And in the year 2022 they can just call them or send email or texts. Don’t be such a drama queen.

      “who were forced/tricked into invading Ukraine.”
      They are fukn soldiers! Trained and very professionally prepared for such cases. Employing your troops is hardly forcing or tricking anybody into an appointment.

      “Get real Orca!”
      Oh, I am real. You have no idea how real I am. Far more real than your selfish, selfmade propaganda lies.

      Putin is not a dictator; he doesn’t operate out of a vacuum but is highly integrated and accompanied by real professionals. And when his period is up he’ll become a pensioner. And the West then will have to deal with a far more radical Russian president. In the eyes of the youth and Russian hardliners he is much too soft and forgiving already.

      And you know, your country brought that upon itself: They told that drunkard Jelzin to grab more power and concentrate it on his presidential post. So he could get rid of opposition and act more in America’s interest.

      And now they are faced with a president who cares about Russia’s interests but has the same powers Jelzin had. Too bad. =^.^=


      • Oh, and btw, kicking out some American social nonsense, and others leaving in protest, is hardly a media lockdown. Or do you poor poor man get all your political info from Facebook/Meta and the likes?


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