OMG! :o

Shit shit shit, fuk fuk fuk!

Stage 4 is bad, very bad. 😦

Yikes! And this is soooooo typical for the African mentality: Use everything until it breaks and falls apart. Don’t spend any money on maintenance … and when the inevitable happens just throw your arms in the air, say “wasn’t me” and wait for a wonder and more tax money thrown at you.

Our smartphone alerts us on 2 power outages today! 😦

So, what now? Shall we order some solar panels for the roof and generate our own electricity? LOL, it’s a bit late to start today I guess. Anyhoo, both our laptops are topped up, so we can at least watch movies while the power is out. πŸ˜‰

Not funny. Not funny at all.

So, in less than an hour we’ll lose electricity so don’t expect too many posts today. I’ll prolly drive a bit around with Oubaas and enjoy our lovely wild beaches.

Cya later


    • Of what? Dark computer screens, grocery store (which is in another suburb, so no blackout), self portrait of me sucking my thumb?

      I’m back, btw. πŸ˜‰ As usual they switched us back on, like, 1/4 hour early.


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