Oubaas News

Some clueless ahole pushed himself into my lane in a roundabout, forcing me to hit the pavement …

Ouby drives like shit and makes grinding noise. So off to the mechanic …
… where they find out the axle is skewed. They re-center the cneter block …
… and while they’re at it Koos gives me a peek on the Ferrari rims. They fit!!! Hey I liked the BMW Alpina rims a bit better but these will solve so many problems with roadholding. Oubaas will practically be a new car once these are on.


    • The Alpina rims haven’t always been black, they were natural mags just like the ferraris I guess. Someone painted them satin black, which I like very much, and I was even thinking of sandblasting and then powdercoating them. But since I make too many contacts with hard immobile objects it would be a futile project. Anyhoo, I guess the Alpinas’s more classic spoke design fits Ouby a lot better than the Ferrari’s pseudo spaceship design.

      Buuuut, the Ferraris will fit 195er tyres, which are quite a bit narrower than the 225s I have now. Which will make better straight driving, and not as much fighting as I do now. And they are 15″ in diameter, not 17″, which will allow me to sport a higher profile and get some balloon, all terrain tyres fitted. Pick-up or Land Rover like, you know. Oubaas gonna be an expedition vehicle. πŸ˜‰


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