History Always Repeats Itself

… as a farce. 😉

Nazi of the year!

To be fair it’s gotta be said the EU only nullitied Zele’s nomination coz it missed the deadline. So maybe he’ll get his Man of the Year and Nobel next year. If still alive by then.

If not … I call first dabs on the MacBook!


  1. >>> In 1938 the US recognized Adolf Hitler as Man of the Year

    If Pepe Escobar is referring to the United States government, then no, it never happened. However, Time magazine did recognize Hitler as Man of the Year in 1938, but not as an honour:


    The title goes to “the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year, for better or for worse,” as former Managing Editor Walter Isaacson wrote in the 1998 issue. That means the person is not necessarily a hero—Adolf Hitler, for example, was Person of the Year in 1938, with a cover showing him playing a ghastly organ and a cover line touting, “From the unholy organist, a hymn of hate.” Stalin got the nod twice, while the selection of Iran’s Ayatullah Khomeini in 1979, when the magazine called him “the mystic who lit the fires of hatred.”

    >>> He got it for spreading “democracy around the world”

    Again, not true.

    From Time’s original article on 2 January 1939:


    Hitler became in 1938 the greatest threatening force that the democratic, freedom-loving world faces today.

    >>> And in 1939 he was nominated for the Nobel

    Pepe Escobar distorts history by not mentioning that the nomination was made as satire and as a protest, and that the nomination was quickly withdrawn:


    Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1939 by a member of the Swedish parliament, E.G.C. Brandt. Apparently, Brandt never intended the nomination to be taken seriously. Brandt was a dedicated antifascist and had intended this nomination more as a satiric criticism of the current political debate in Sweden. At the time, a number of Swedish parliamentarians had nominated then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain for the Nobel Peace Prize, a nomination which Brandt viewed with great skepticism. However, Brandt’s satirical intentions were not well received and the nomination was swiftly withdrawn in a letter dated 1 February 1939.

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    • Rather nitpicking facts that can’t hide the fact that Hitler had a lot of fans in America and got a lot of support. Heck, he was the world’s foremost fighter against the USSR. What’s not to like? Teehee. ^.^ And the US didn’t join the war when he was running amok in Europe and started attacking the Soviets. It needed a certain Japanese bombing raid on Pearl Harbor to lure the USA into the war.


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