Oubaas on Fire! :o

We’ve all seen photos of vehicles in various stages of crispy burn, right? And same as me you’ve always thought this won’t even happen to you. Coz you’re vehicle is in perfect order or at least in a save enuff state to never ever be on fire.

Well …

Most of the smoke was already gone in this shot.

In the last couple days my ignition lock started to act up and Ouby only started with the key turned in the right angle. And this morning after gym my old van refused to start. Completely dead, not a single noise to hear. But obviously, hidden from my view, some sparks indeed were flying.

And after trying for 10 minutes to start the engine a thick smoke cloud engulfed the whole cabin and I got out rather hastily before I turned into a toast myself. Of course I forgot the camera in my original Chadidas gym bag. 😦

Save at last! πŸ˜‰

Back in the security of the gym’s lobby one of the receptionists called an Uber for me, who drove me to the mechanic … and then back home. And now I’m kinda grounded, waiting for the Mission Accomplished from the mecha.

The fiery incident happened 8 hours ago and I still feel the burned rubber/cable in my nose. And that even tho I don’t have a sense of smell. It’s brutal, that shit.


    • The joys of driving a historically incorrect vehicle. 😐
      At least old Ouby is real fun to drive. If he drives.

      Already received word from the mech: Only 1 cable melted, not the whole harness. And of course the lock collapsed internally. He got the engine started and I’ll get my van back probably already today.

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