Now look at the old gangster’s poll ratings:

Just in case you can’t read the kyrillic alphabet and don’t understand Russian: Putin’s poll rating went up from 60 to 71 percent. 😮 Makes him the best liked president by far. Make of it what you want. 😐


    • Ya, that’s your opinion. The facts are different. Putin is the democratically elected president of Russia, and once his legislation period is over they will vote for a new guy, or re-elect Putin. But one thing I can tell you already: The next guy won’t be as nice and understanding and cooperative but will be a nationalist hardliner. And you know why. Yes, coz we fukkked them over and over again, so they are now going like *Grrrrr!* 😐

      I never figured you to be an atlanticist, Silber. 😦


      • Oh, and about despot: Yes, the Russian prez has a lot of power concentrated on his role. And you know why? Coz our friends, the Ameircans, persuaded Yeltzin to do exactly that. Made life easier for them, coz they only needed to deal with one drunkard and not with the whole duma. The Russian constitution originally never provided for such powers in one person.

        Well, now it bites them in the ass. Since Putin can hold a drink down (KGB trained, you see).


  1. I’m not! Schröder is actually the reason for me stopping to vote SPD but die Linke for a while.

    And now, since various years I’m not voting at all in German elections. I could do it from here, at the German embassy in town. But I won’t. The German parties and all their personnel are too “verpeilt”. Know what I mean?


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