LMDE5: Can it Replace the Ubuntu Version of Linux Mint?

Finally a video that hopefully answers the question burning on most of you Minty users’ minds:

Today we look at LMDE, the Linux Mint that is based on Debian instead of Ubuntu. This is the beta release of the next version which is based on Debian 11. We will look at how it compares to the Ubuntu version of Linux Mint.

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I guess, just a guess, a non-technical taste thing, that alone the fact you don’t have to deal with Canonical/Ubuntu nonsense anymore, makes the switch to Debian base worthwile. Oh, according to Mint chief Clem, it’s a bit faster as well.

Try it out, give LMDE5 a test run … or don’t. Or do the great switch to Arch/Manjaro … or don’t do that either and stick to your traditional Mint. Do I care?

Naaw, not really. You know what? I’m happy that more and more people are leaving the Win/Mac world and choose freedom. That’s super kool and recommendable and makes y’all rock stars!

I just think Mint is a super first contact with the Linuxverse … and for many it’s also the last. They stick with Mint since it’s soooo gud! Tom for example. A truly geeky guy who knows and tests many other distros but uses Mint for his professional work.

Well, anyway, after some weeks/months you’ll know enough about Linux to decide what you really want and how to install exactly your dream system with exactly the right desktop environment or window manager that’s right for you. For me it’s comfortable systems based on ArchLinux and the slightly modified Mate desktop. It’s not everybody’s taste. In fact hardly anybody likes my personal setup. And again, I don’t care.

That’s the beauty of Linux and what makes it such a rewarding world to compute in. =^.^=

Anyhoo, here ya go to get your copy of LMDE: https://linuxmint.com/edition.php?id=297


  1. Windows 11 not running on so many recent computers will push loads to Linux. My daily has been lmde4 for quite a while it’s rock solid. Arch in its many guises will be my new play distro.

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    • Very good, Arch is fun and sexy, and after a while you’ll see you won’t need any Debian. I’m quite sure. πŸ˜‰


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