Good Press Coverage For High Fidelity Investing In Second Life

No other than worldfamous Daniel Voyager mentioned humble little Orcablog in his latest writeup about High Fidelity investing in Second Life.
Does that mean that my personal underground terrorist diary is a real Second Life blog now?

Daniel Voyager

Over the past week there has been a noticeable amount of good press coverage around the internet about High Fidelity investing in Second Life and the good news on Philip Rosedale (founder of Second Life) is returning to Second Life as a strategic adviser. This is what Second Life strongly needs now going forward is more positive news coverage to grow Second Life out to reach a global audience.

There has been news coverage on Yahoo Finance, VentureBeat, The Verge, TechCrunch, Daily Advent, Axios, ZDNet and more. There will be a Lab Gab special which will be announced either later this week or next week. Stay tuned for that to hear what Philip and Brad has to say about all of this.

There has been good coverage on many Second Life bloggers sites from New World Notes, Inara Pey, SL Newser,

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