Hi-Fi and the Lab: in the press, & further speculation from me

Some more much needed facts about the HiFi – SL thingamajig from blogmama Inara. Very very interesting …

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Logos via Linden Lab and High Fidelity respectively

Following the announcement that High Fidelity, the company co-founded by Philip Rosedale in 2013 and after his departure form Linden Lab, has invested money, patents and staff into the latter, the news hit a lot of on-line tech publications and even the Wall Street Journal – creating a buzz around Second Life that has so far, if we’re honest, somewhat eluded the Lab in the wake of all the broader “metaverse” chatter that has been going on.

Of these articles, the most detailed came via GamesBeat / VentureBeat (by the ever-informative Dean Takahashi), c|net and The Wall Street Journal (the latter via Archive to avoid the paywall)¹ that added butter to the bread of the original announcement, which I’ve summarised below, and which gave me further pause for thought.

To deal with the bullet point takeaways first:

  • The patents transfer from Hi…

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  1. Thanks for reblogging – however I would hesitate in referring to my piece being purely factual. While the bullet-point list is drawn from statements made to the press by Messrs Oberwager and Rosedeale – and so can be taken as “facts”, the core of the article looking at avatar expressiveness is purely speculative on my part, and could turn out to be me barking entirely up the wrong tree …

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    • Don’t forget, hun, we’re bloggers, not paid professional journalists. I’m in awe about how much you know about all things SL, even the technical and business stuffz. And a little freewheeling speculation must be allowed, no? ^.^


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