I Wonder if the Russians Know

… they are considered a threat by The West/NATO or if they are as suprised as most of the world is. Look at this if you can:

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it predominantly NATO moving it’s bases more and more to the East? Isn’t it the CIA starting all the fascist colour revolutions? And now this move appears like total nonsense to me. Dunno if you heard about it, it’s not Germany anymore – your frontline border with the Russian Federation are the Ukraine and Baltic Republics now.

So, please, Tommies, can you please not? Hey, you’re not even part of the EU anymore, so please don’t use Germany as your continental base to bully Russia from. Can you do that? Thank you.


  1. Whadda you know about Russia, besides what they taught you in those ridiculous German schools, and what you learn now on YouTube? You know, like Russia ‘won WW2‘ by fighting all over the Pacific, in Sicily, in Italy, in Africa, all over the Mediterranean, all over the Atlantic (stopping German submarines, etc.), provided weapons ‘n other supplies to other nations, and all those sustained Strategic bombings over Germany, etc. ‘You know nothing,’ Orca … 😉

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    • Oh jeezuz. 😮 Here we go again:

      “Whadda you know about Russia”
      Only what I experienced during a high school field trip thru some Asian republics in Soviet times. Oh and what I learned and researched in my degree programme in university. In case you didn’t know, I’m a MA of Eastern European History.

      “those ridiculous German schools”
      Which are public, state owned and administrated schools of federal Germany, so in fact traditionally not very Soviet-friendly. We learned history there. Just without any propaganda and purely fact-based.

      “Russia ‘won WW2‘ by ”
      … taking Berlin!

      “fighting all over the Pacific, in Sicily, in Italy, in Africa, all over the Mediterranean, all over the Atlantic (stopping German submarines, etc.)”
      All of which were more or less sideshows. Your backyard fisticuffs with the Japanese had little/nothing to do with WW2. Sicily is Italy, Mussolini was an ally to Germany, but taking Italy wasn’t of much importance. Hitler had mostly left Italy and sent his troops to Stalingrad instead. Stalingrad/Russia, where the real WW2 was fought.

      “provided weapons ‘n other supplies to other nations”
      Of which the Russians found most unusable, not appropriate for fighting against the nazis.

      “all those sustained Strategic bombings over Germany, etc.”
      Germany only capitulated after Hitler was already dead tho. It was Dönitz authorizing the capitulation.

      Similar to what happened in Japan. Not even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were they ready to give up. It was the looming soviet invasion from the north that frightened them into capitulation.

      “‘You know nothing,’ Orca …”
      I’m not Jon Snow and I know quite a bit.


      • Aaaand btw, what has your revisionist WW2 stuff to do with them Britz playing loudmouth and rattling their sabers against an imaginary Russian threat? Let’s not forget they are still salty about losing their empire and trying now to show to the world how important, what a major player they still are.
        Look at the facts: NATO is slowly lurching towards Russia, shithole for shithole … not the other was round.


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