Corona Diary: Day 606


Have you noticed a change in atmosphere? Just yesterday morning on the way to the gym I noticed the traffic was as bad as in the good old pre-Covid times. And that even without any influence by tourists. So the economy seems to be going strong again … hard to believe but the number of cars on the road confirms there is something going on, something that appears like “normal” life, not the so-called “new normal”.

And then in the club, at aqua-aerobics class the pool was well-filled, also like back in pre-Covid days. WTF’s going on here?

So, thx to hubby’s help me’s got some news snippets for you before I gotta hurry off to the gym …

Noooo, not gonna make it. Will finish this post once I’m home again …

And I’m …

… back!

Oh btw, traffic today was even worse than yesterday but the aquarobics group only half the size and apart from us only some weirdos of a swim club were doing their lanes. So bizniz is back to almost normal now.

Ok, were was we? Uh yes, the news:

Translation: “Hey, idiot. Use an umbrella, else mine won’t work.” Also this umbrella denier is culpable for the rain.

Twice the death rate? Whoa, that’s heavy.

No, professor, you wrong! Every virus will get weaker and eventually dies off. All by itself. No human intervention needed in some completely natural happening.

That health minister a nazi by any chance?

And not enough with that, this ahole also compares anti-vaxxers to deserters! Oh you fuk, being a normal citizen doesn’t include little me into any martial law. Aaaaalso, you looked lately with what kinda of armies our Bundeswehr is ganging up? Yes, NATO! In so far we all should be happy and supportive of every single soldier trying to get out of that syndicate. So, another politclown to write off as collateral damage. 😐

Ok, just for reference: You know where OZlands Northern Territory is? If I claim South Africa barely clings onto the planet you must imagine that part of Australia is located roughly somewhere between the ISS and the fuxn Moon. Although the moon is probably too small to cover the surface of the outback. And you know how many people are dwelling there? You can count them not on one hand but on one finger. In so far we’re not too concerned about a helpless govt acting stupid. Just, residents of Orstralia, promise me you won’t vote for those clowns, like … ever again!

And who thinks about the children, those precious little shortlegged wannabe humans?

Here, that was just a little peek outta my personal rabbit hole. Now back onto the sofa with me, training was exhaustive today.

See ya good peepelz laterz



  1. The graph that suggests twice the death rate for vaccinated individuals is misleading. Among individuals aged 10 to 59 years old in the UK (where these data were collected), vaccinated individuals tend to be much older than unvaccintated individuals. For example, very few 10-year-olds have been vaccinated, but many 59-year-olds have. So the graph is really showing that older people are more likely to die than younger people. It’s hardly surprising that a 59-year-old is more likely to die than a 10-year-old.

    In fact, given the age distribution of vaccinated individuals aged 10 to 59 years in the UK, you would expect the all-cause death rate of the vaccinated cohort to be 2.4 times that of the unvaccinated cohort. As the all-cause death rate is actually only 1.5 to 2.0 times as high in the vaccinated cohort, the data show that vaccinated individuals are dying at a lower rate than we would otherwise expect. In other words, vaccinations seem to be lowering the death rate.

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    • Yes. Uh-huh. /me nods. But is it worth the hassle? The risk of vaxxing my disabled hubby with a hyperactive immune system is very high his neurologist said. For us the best measure is to not get infected in the first place.


      • I didn’t mean to second guess your decision not to vaccinate, which seems very reasonable considering your particular circumstances. I was hoping only to cast some light on that graph, which at first glance seems to suggest, incorrectly, that vaccination leads to a doubling of the death rate.

        Yes, indeed, it is best not to be infected in the first place, which is my own strategy, as well, for staying healthy.

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        • And I’m by no means an anti-vaxxer. When we can’t pass borders or fly without being vaxxed I’ll take my jab. But not as long as I can get around it. And for hubby we’ll find a way.


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