Top 15 Interesting Places To Visit In Bellisseria

Daniel Voyager has scouted 15 very nice places to visit on the Linden Homes continent of Bellisseria. I was surprised by some of them. Maybe a good travel tip even for oldbie avies?

Check it out!

Daniel Voyager

There are many interesting places to visit around the Bellisseria continent. There are windmills, beaches, lighthouses, tunnels, airstrips and more dotted about. I have put together a useful list of 15 interesting places below. The Bellisseria continent is still growing today and it’s set for futher expand during 2022 with more Linden Home themes.

1: Campwich Forest – SLURL

A nice community center to visit featuring a lovely waterfall nearby with a fun zipline, a big forest to wonder about in, rez zones in the docks, a railway station which connects with nearby Linden Home themes and more.

2: SS Galaxy Cruise Ship – SLURL

The full-featured cruise ship spans three regions on the far west side of the Bellisseria continent. Featuring a swimming pool, dancefloor, helicopter landing pads and much more.

The SS Galaxy Cruise Ship was built in 2007 as a private initiative and then was converted into…

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    • Honestly the swimming pool. Pretty basic thing, hardly a classic tourist attraction but oh so useful as a hangout and pool party place. I guess if one negotiates nicely with LL and maybe gets temp rezz and sound rights, it’s a super duper place for a \o/ POOL PARTY! \o/

      Something in the lines of what they did in Wuhan …

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