Corona Diary: Day 595

The mörningest mørning to y’all. I hope you’re doing exemplatory well.

Not any news from the Covid front today, just a personal observation:

The vaccination clinic in our local mall is brimming with people queueing up, impatiently waiting to receive their life-saving inoculation. 🙂 Matter of factly is the facility mostly empty since weeks already, and the nurses and docs are bored to tears. And the 2 guys on the chairs? Neither of them gave the impression to be waiting for their shot.
When I was back home I just had to switch on my full light show! 🙂 A bit silly on a sunny day but very very cool. Right?
Ouby might not have as many lamps as the mods but much more horsepowers and wheels. And he’s also got an alternator big enough to power all his lamps! 🙂

Don’t get sick, my frens.



    • That be scooters, Vespas and Lambrettas, not really motorcycles. The many headlights and mirrors were trendy among the mods of the late 50s early 60s. What a silly but stylish bunch. 😉

      And isn’t brimming the right term to decribe a lifely scene?


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