Corona Diary: Day 581

Man, this fuxn pandemic really frustrates me. If there won’t be any spectacular news to report on I’ve really no clue how I’m supposed to go on with this diary. And it’s not just that I’m missing the right words …

I guess the most irregular thing happened to me just yesterday: After over 1.5 years in the global emergency situation I forgot to wear my facemask when trying to enter a store and needed to be reminded of that litte oepsie by a security guard. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Shriek!

Ok, found mask in my trousers pocket – a hooray for cargo pants and the loads of shit we can stuff in them – so personal awkwardness, and an at least 30 secs long walk of shame back to the van, was prevented. Pheew. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Apart from that, oh yes, there are some new stories but they are all about economic crisis things and politicians trying to force their too much – too late vaccines onto an unwilling population. That’s really the only thing everybody in any position is talking about. Well, fuk ’em, and fuk ’em hard!

We, my frens, we don’t need no vaccines! Not anymore. Only thing we need is a thorough sanitation regime:

Stolen from Leenda’s blog

Keep that in mind!

And cya laterz


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