Corona Diary: Day 588

… and nuffink! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Let’s check IOL:

No real news about Covid-19 since the last entry in my diary on day 581, and even that was mostly me complaining about a lack of news to care/write about. And today Covid seems to be forgotten. No, not really. Our fuxn politclowns and govts are surely hot to get us all vacced or else … You know, no vaxx, no fun for you! We just heard from Germany were the vaxxed are discriminating against the unvaxxed.

1933, do I hear you knockin’?

Perfect method by the rich and mighty to prevent the people coming together and starting a revolution or sumfink, right? As long as we hate the unvaxxed and the Russkies/Chinks we won’t hate our own undemocratic leaders.

Oldest trick in the dictator’s handbook, innit?

Okรฉ, let’s see what’s up on ze Toobz:

Okay, we just had provincial elections, in a country that is 99% deepest sandy province anyway. So a mighty big deal … that has nothing to do with Covid, or does it?

If all those media outlets would at least give us a daily statistic and trends, infections, hospitalized, bodycount, but no. Either the numbers are too insignificant to even deserve a mention, or those so-called journalists are indeed the ignoramouses we always assumed them to be.

Guyz n dollz, can you believe how tempted I am to close this chapter in my life and on this blawg? Why write a diary about nothing? But no, I don’t wanna close my diary before we get something official, either from our respective govts or the WHO. An official COVID-19 is done, we have won! But do you believe this will happen anytime soon? There is still so much money to make, so much power to grab, so much prestige to gain. No, I don’t think our wise leaders will declare an end to the global pandemic anytime soon.

And since I’m such a helpless OCD case I can’t close my diary before the pandemic is officially over and done with. I wanna close my diary with a salty last chapter and some weighty words and some sense of nostalgia. But until we get any real new news I’ll just stop in from time to time, in order to tell you to wash your ha… ugh boolsheet! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Why would you wash your hands, why keep social distance, why sanitize, why wear a mask. Are you that afraid of a common cold? It’s the sniffels ffs, hardly the killer virus it used to be!

but … oh,wait, I found one newness today. In Fefe Blog, linked to Retraction Watch (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like).

So, the mixup is to blame?

Wanna know what I think? I think those scientists knew exactly what they were doing. It shows now that they still claim the corrected numbers showing the same result. And anyway, it was a mixup, Allah willed it and there’s nothing we can do. And when you wanna blame anybody, then blame the poor unpaid intern, not the mighty important Lebanese scientists!

Good night my sweeties, cya laterz


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