Corona Diary: Day 535

People, we gotta talk.

Can I call for some silence, please? Be fukn quiet! Just for a moment okay?

Thing is, you know I always tried my best to be a socially responsible citizen of this planet, going with the program, swallowing my blue pills, stay in the new Matrix of a fantasy post-Corona world and all that stuff.

That we can’t and shouldn’t trust our glorious leaders of the Western world was clear for me from day one! And it became only worse as time went by. That all the Covid vaccines were nothing but hastily cooked-up shitsoups is an absolute truth for me, and I will never again cast my vote for any of those clowns. They get rich by accepting bribes from big pharma + they see opportunities to grab more power in the Great Reset.

Frens, we’re being shitted on!

But what I always believed, what I took for granted, was the sincerity, the graveness and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Was I wrong with that? We see wave after wave, more mutations and strains almost every day … but, they seem to become more and more harmless. When you get infected with Covid-19 these days you’ll feel under the weather for a few days and then go back to normal. At least that’s what hubby and many more people are telling me. Now am I not somebody who believes everything she hears, because what do they know? Right, they know shit, just as me! I know nothing but the news snippets. And from those I try to build a bigger picture.

So let’s see what happens on local regional level and then draw our conclusion, ok?:

I can’t be angry with papa Smurf, he really tries to juggle the various players and lead his people through this shit. And he gets a lot of flak from the DA (white peoples’ party). Let’s look at the political atmosphere:

Just FYI: Steenhuisen is a typical white asshole

Hmm, all concerned parties and the union are pulling at the same rope: Easing lockdown restrictions, from last night on. Just some stinkers like Winde and Steenhuisen wanna put an end to all restrictions.

And that’s where I stumble. Aholios like Steenhuisen and Winde want the easing for purely egoistical reasons, they couldn’t give less fux about the poor settlement dwellers who’re still dying wholesale. Otoh, yes, the symptoms are less fatal than just a few months and weeks ago.

That I’m sick and tired of the whole situation I’ve already mentioned once or twice, didn’t I? I guess you’re too, right? Know what? By now I’m almost for putting an end to the charade. First and foremost to the political charade, all the restrictions on business, travel and the vaccine apartheid. We gotta learn to live with Covid, accept it as yet another unfrenly virus, like the Asian Flu and what else bad virae are going around. We gotta be prepared to wear our masks for some time in the future, live more cleanly and social distancing ourselves.

Businesses and employees will have to find new ways to work remotely, from home, and schools must find clever ways of telelearning. At least for a while. But why not forever? If it werkz and everybody’s happy with the new arrangements, why the fuk not? Will at least be gretagreat for the environment. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s the sort of Great Reset I could live with. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And our wise leaders can stuff their fascist fever dreams you know where! ๐Ÿ˜

Anyhoo, from last night on we’re on level 2, which means almost back to normal. We’ll see how it goes. No big changes for hubz n me. Mask on, have temperature taken, sanitize … but business as normal.

I dunno how your respective countries of residency are dealing with the pandemic and in how far you’re personally suffering from restrictions; I guess it won’t go on much longer … it can’t go on much longer!

Grit your teeth people, the end is neigh!



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