Good News Everybody

Lusting after the new Apple hardwares with the fancy, super duper fast M1 processor? But hate hate hate stupid MacOS software? Well, after some initial experimental geekery, now Linux officially supports Apple’s M1 chip! \o/ YAY! \o/

After a few months of development, Linux Kernel 5.13 is finally ready for prime time. It brings to the table a plethora of huge improvements, most notably the preliminary support for Apple’s M1 platform.

Cool cool cool! Finally you can purchase Apple’s adorable komputahz without too much of a bad conscience. 😉 Run your Linux on Apple silicon! Of course they are still assembled by Chinese baby slaves … but we don’t like those chinks anyway, don’t we? Those kidz only grow up to become komoonistz and demand fair pay and workers’ rights n stuff. 😦 So we fukn don’t care.

Jump for joy!

And, hey, I know my Manjaro install ain’t proper ArchLinux but I’m already on Linux kernel 5.13 since quite some time. Jus sayin’. 😉


    • Mhm. One of the very few times slowpoke Manjaro is more bleeding edge than mothership Arch. And I gotta admit, it’s not Manjo’s standard kernel but the most newest in their list of available kernels. And you know stuntgirl Orca just couldn’t resist. =^.^=


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