A Little Fibre Update for Leenda

Not much too see anymore. πŸ˜‰

The road is almost completely healed by now, and the residents all happy fibre customers.
Only some of the scars are healing rather slowly. But if the rain keeps on doing its thing this, too, will soon be forgotten. See the Makro megamart in the background? It’s owned by Walmart I guess. American culture leaves its mark everywhere. πŸ™‚


    • I hate Makro, too. But they are so conveniently close by and often have better prices than the others.

      So you’re on fibre now as well? Kool! Wot speed and how does it treat you?


      • Curious me just read it up: Yep, Massmarts (Makro’s owner) merged with Walmart in 2011. And I remember when they built the store here, there were Walmart signs. But Wally seems to have backed out and left SAfricans to the better known brand instead of introducing the unknown Walmart moniker. Same shit, diff name.

        Probably for the better after they fumbled to establish Walmart in the EU and were sent packing.


      • I switched to fiber last year. I don’t remember the speed… better than not fiber, and cheaper. Had sucky connectivity, which I only noticed in meetings (and 1 job interview) till they sent me a dual 2.4/5G modem. Been fine ever since.

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