To Celebrate …

… the arrival of the 3rd Covid-19 wave + the Indian mutation + stronger lockdown measures appropriately, I just spent the equivalent of 1.18 €uros on a new mask. 🙂

A little, small and light number this time. My last mask was somehow overkill.

And in further gud noos: The nursing care insurance told hubby he must only show up in October, and if the pandemic is still running havoc by then, his appt might be pushed well into the next year. \o/ YAY! \o/

Just too bad we gotta show our faces in December already, for my mom’s 100th birthday. 😮


    • Ya! And Dad, too, made it to 96. I tell you, that generation, the unbreakables. I guess after you survived Hitler and WW2 there isn’t much left that could possibly kill you. 😉

      Our gen tho. :/ We too soft and politically correct and stressed, always worrying about shit. We won’t make it that far. The oldies “the silent generation”, they had that Hakuna Matata you need to live a long life.


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