Becca, Look!

Fortunately I snapped some photos from the driver’s perspective, so I can illustrate the answer to your question about the blue thing better. It’s pretty simple, really:

See, there it peeks out left side off the steering wheel. It’s not blue tho, coz ignition was switched off.

From this perspective you can see it better. As mentioned already, this motorcycle multi-instrument will be pretty useless once the mech has repaired all the gauges in the main panel. But I somehow like that thing since it tells me the speed and revs on one glance. And one can never have enough Enterprise style blinkenlights anyway. 🙂

Next few tweaks and mods will include a classic wooden steering wheel, a subwoofer, a bull bar, some clamps to secure hubby’s wheelchair when driving, and … maybe a hitop. But not sure about that.

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