Corona Diary: Day 445

Morning frens and frenlies 😉

Was out for doing some stuffz and noticed fukn store where I wanted to buy the wagon was closed. By the looks of it it was closed for good. Dafucque? Weird, this was one of the key renters – kinda Wal-mart thing – at our local mall. Anyhoo, they have more stores all over the country. Must try to find one of those or … just go to the competition. 😉

Anyhoo, upon entering the mall I noticed a strange congregation of mostly white elderly peoples …

… that were processed in a orderly manner. Of course, our suburb is still a very white area, so there’s that.

So, what gives? Free coffee and cake? Oh, a Covid-19 vaccination site for people 60+.

Like piggies to the slaughterhouse.

Well, as you might have gathered from my diary entries in the last couple days, my relentless optimism and goody-two-shoes personality, had to make room for a far more dark and sinister, sarcastic side of poor old Orcsi. Hey politicians and WHO and govt doctors … you’re a bunch of fukkaz. You know that, dontcha?

Listen, I’m willing to go with the program, the last one to complain and protest. What needs to be done needs to be done. No second-guessing, no exemption, no exclusion. We’re all in the same boat, and I’m sorry hubby and me are cushioned kinda softly and we have each other and not suffering loneliness or lack of ameneties. But I wouldn’t have complained either if it was harder. Coz we’re all in the same boat and have to get thru the pandemic, all the same.

BUT! Butbutbutbutbutbut but …

Are they shittin’ me? They are fukin shittin’ me!

Only person wearing a mask: The waiter. 😮

Kidz won’t play nice. 😐 So we won’t vote for them anymore.

I mean, for realz now, this buncha assclowns had one chance. A very god chance presented to them in form and shape of a global pandemic. The best chance to show what they are made of, to show they have what it takes to lead whole nations and the planet thru this crisis. Something every politician’s wet dreams are made of. But they … they fkked it up, made a shambles out of it. Individually and as a group of world leaders. Acted like little kids. Total losers, one and all!

Excuse me everybody but I, for one, can hardly wait for the day when Russia and China are finally taking over from these clowns.

You ppl stay good, ok? Today as on the first day, everyone of us has one primarily goal and function: SURVIVE! Come on, Covid-19 is becoming weaker with every passing day, we’ve almost made it. Not much longer, trust me, this can’t and won’t go on forever. We’re on the home straight, finish line in sight!


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