Corona Diary: Day 428

Mholweni emini nje

Just a short overview of the African disaster zone as we’re waiting for the 3rd wave to hit:

The top news scares me quite a bit. Too fresh are the stories from India where people just suffocated while their loved one couldn’t do anything to help and had to watch them die. 😦

And whoa, I have no idea how many politicians are in the Congolese parliament but losing 32 at one go is radical, no? I mean, even if you’re from the other party or sumfink or don’t like politclowns at all, this is a pretty harsh cleansing. 😮

And again … and again … and again … why do the experts still have to warn the stupid af population from mass gatherings? Everybody wanna die? Stay the fuk home, idjitz!

I hope you awesomites are careful and won’t get infected. But after we all have managed to survive the past year mostly unscathed I trust you won’t do anything stupid.

Stay frosty!


PS: Infection numbers are definately on the rise hereabouts. How is the situation at your locales?

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