Corona Diary: Day 307


Who said our most beloved virus ain’t a laughing matter, when indeed it is? At least when our friends from across the channel are managing it ridiculosity ensues. Look:

This raving crowd is outta control! Call the fuzz to disperse those unruly younglings!

Essex … Essex? Hey, that’s Oubaas’ original birthplace. 😉

Oh, and the WHO issued new guidelines:

I thought all that was common knowledge. 😐

Since we’re just ROFLing anyway, you know what is really funny? AstraZeneca. The so-called Oxford-vaccine that was developed with EU funds? Newsflash, Oxford is in the UK = not EU anymore! If the EU mainlanders, who paid for the shit, will get a chance to receive at least a few drops of this wonder medicine remains to be seen.

Always a pleasure to work with professionals. 🙂

Hey guys, we have our private little agreement, don’t we? We behave like responsible adults and avoid getting infected = no need for rushed out snake oil treatment!





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