JOE.I.AM’s UNITY (Joe Biden’s Inauguration Speech REMIX)

I’m listening without much hope …

JOE.I.AM makes his 2021 debut and ushers in a new era for the United States and the rest of the world. The one message he keeps preaching is UNITY, and believes that America is stronger when working together. C’MON MAN

I just don’t see what about a new US pres is so important for the rest of the world. They have inserted themselves deeply into everything, having their grabby fingers involved in every political decision on every continent, they are blackmailing, threaten, playing power games … and mostly with disastrous results. I guess it’s about time we remove the USA from the international political stage. Only then we’ll have a chance for cooperation, long lasting global peace, less hunger, less aggression, less conflicts and better business for everybody.

Prove me wrong … down in the comment section.


  1. One of yesterday’s headlines was about Chine replacing the US as a global leader. I though “no duh” but I’m sure tons of ‘Mericuns thought it was hogwash. Though most probably didn’t even see it.

    And not to fear, the Republicans are already up to old tricks to block most everything Biden is trying to do.

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    • Was there ever any doubt about China’s going to be the world’s number 1 economic power? Not talking about military and empirical power and such bull, just economy.

      And, yes, I’m quite sure they’ll do. Coz who cares about good governance when the real game is about destroying the other team? No wonder your country is losing friends quite quickly now and most countries are already secretly looking for ways to replace the wobbly US$ with some more reliable and valuable currencies as leading world currency.

      I’m telling my chancelor Angie to look to the east for friends. Russians and Chinese are amazing, and little itsy bitsy Deutschland should count itself lucky if they still accept us in their clan, as long as we still have some desirable tech to deal. Unfortunately we have too many Atlanticians in powerful positions in Germany so they are rather pissing off Russia and Asia than pissing of America. 😦 Look at all the back n forth with Nordstream2. 😮 No wonder Putin’s slowly losing patience with Germany as the main entry point for Europe.


      • I’ve seen the Chinese growth for years. I keep saying that all they have to do is call for the USbuy to pay our debt and, poof, China owns us!!

        They’ve been buying up all kinds of property in NorCal for cash and over asking price… leaving citizens priced and financed out of the market. I haven’t seen any info on how much of the state is currently owned by China but it must be substantial.

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        • “for cash and over asking price… leaving citizens priced and financed out of the market.”
          That’s because Chinese are dealing with finances like normal people do: They don’t live above their means, so what they buy is then truly theirs and can’t/won’t be repossessed.

          “much of the state is currently owned by China”
          By China … or by Chinese individuals? Or by Taiwanese? Or Hong Kongers? Or by the triads? Huge difference! And I don’t think the Chinese state gets involved in the private property market. China, as the PRC, buys large buildings or chunks of land and factories, yes. But when you’re talking about them pricing and financing American citizens out, which is surprisingly easy to do, no, it’s not the PRC but individual home owners and business people. They wanna open a Chinese restaurant or a laundry and make a living like everybody else. And they are maybe Triads but most deffo not the “official China”.

          Easy test: At your local China restaurant, do they have an aquarium? (they all have) = “Protected” by Triads. 😐 = Not PRC!

          I just remember our fave China eatery in Hamburg, they have a fancy aquarium, huge canals built into the floor and you cross them on little foot bridges to get to various parts of the restaurant. I guess that shop either belongs to a triad boss or to one of their biggest debtors/protegés. 😉


          • LOL.
            My understanding is that the homes are being purchased by rich Chinese citizens or corporations… those the govt allows to be rich.

            The average home around Silicon Valley is prob well over $2M and they come in with cash. When my dept was relocated, the company wouldn’t provide a cost of living adjustment. People couldn’t afford similar homes up north (and they’re overpriced here!!). Plus most were on the market less than 7 days. Reason #23B that I took the been generous layoff package (and, when asked, told the VP there was NOTHING they could offer to get me to stay longer.. f-ing prick!)

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            • “My understanding is that the homes are being purchased by rich Chinese citizens or corporations”
              Is what I said, no?

              “those the govt allows to be rich.”
              You’re overestimating the govmt’s power thereabouts. If you have the drive, the will, the education, the abilities – you’ll make it. In every country in every system, on every continent

              “generous layoff package (and, when asked, told the VP there was NOTHING they could offer to get me to stay longer”
              Lemme get that straight: First they kick your butt out, then they offer you something to make you stay?


              • YEP! There were employess who moved their families, flew back down every week, then were told they’d have to live in SoCal, without their families.

                We were offered move or layoff. Almost no one planned to move but was afraid to take the package. End result, I got 6 or 7 months of pay after my last working day. They never looked for appt up north. They never moved and were now “voluntary termination”… no pay and disqualified from unemployment (you have to be laid off or unjustly fired (good luck proving that), after a year (or more) of work to qualify for unemployment.

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  2. Merle , ex kgb That’s not controversial it’s a fact Trump, a deluded typical power hungry moron that lost any respect….Bit li,e thatcher in UK but at least she lasted 14 years ish as did an old austrian german whose name i forgot. Give Biden a chance cause if it comes to money, China will win OHHH happy new year Orcs xxx

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    • Merle is ex-KGB? Who tf is Merle?

      We all know what Trump is, and Thatcher and that Austrian who’s name we don’t speak. BTW, it’s not on me to give Biden a chance, he doesn’t need my support. I’m just suspicious that now, with dems in power, it won’t take long until we see Assad ousted and the first bombs falling on Iran. Or at least the threat thereof and another confrontation USA vs World. 😦

      China will not win, they have already won!

      Happy New Year, darling Sammie


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