I Feel Like Bragging

… about my nifty operating system EndeavourOS. Look, me just gotz the brandnew Linux Kernel 5.8.5:

ArchLinux is my father.

And at the same time also showing off my nifty new wallpaper, with daddy Arch proudly claiming fatherhood of Endeavour.

Live is good. 🙂


  1. I can barely see your tiny icons (you must have a giant monitor), but jealous of your brand new kernal. I am already bored with Cinnamon Mint and thinking about something new, lol. What to do, what to do? I did write up an article on my start-up that is now old and gathering dust. Tell me how to get it to you and I will update it 🙂

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    • I reduce the icon size of my Mate desktop to 50% because I’m strange like that. And yes, brandnew Kernel is one of the things that come when you are on Arch Linux. Since my Endeavour is nearly 100% compatible with vanilla Arch I always get the latest kernel, if I want or not. That’s not always great, since with the 5.8.5 they fucked up something in Google photos. Will probably have to reinstall the older one.
      Other Arch derivatives give you more Kernels to choose from (Archman, Manjaro). But stupid stuntgirl Orca … yikes! 😮

      Becca, it always depends on personal taste. If you just need your OS to work and shut up, Mint is the best, most complete. And that isn’t just the lonely opinion of stupid Orca but probably all around the adult Linux world.

      Every advancement I get from using Endeavour is purely subjective emotion. Maybe it runs a bit faster … dunno. Anyway, if you wanna “step up” to Arch, please try Manjaro first. They are, like, two weeks behind Arch and giving you a handful kernels to choose from and have other security shit built in. So once the 5.8.5 kernel hits the Manjo repo my picture upload/linking problem will probably be solved and all that jazz.

      I can’t tell you anything about other “geeky” systems, never tried Gentoo or anything else.

      How to get your article to me? Either send it to orca.flotta@gmx.de or give me your email addy and I’ll make you staff writer, like Lucy, Bianca and Trap. No need to write often, or more than once anyway. I’m happy for every single contribution.

      Really looking forward to your first impressions article and how you managed to get settled – and even bored – in Mint. Add some screenshots and you’re golden. Or maybe make a real photo of your machine prancing around with Mint on it, Instagram style. 🙂



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