Prison: Day 156

Whoa! Time flies when you’re grounded, sitting at home, isn’t it? “How come?”, you ask. “Isn’t it terribly boring and you dunno what to do with yourself?”

Naaw, it’s not so bad. Actually I have rather too much to do, than hanging out, like, totally bored. It’s only 15:00 now and I’ve already made breakfast for hubby and me, vacuumed the bedroom, phoned the panelbeater and reminded him to repair the fukn Toyota he loaned me so gratiously. Of course he was bitchin’ about the rain … and I was like Huh? On rainy days he can’t work on Oubaas so it’s perfect weather to repair the fukn loaner!

But wanna know what I spend the most time on doing these days?

Mhm, that’s right, I’m trying to manage a blog. This here! So let’s get into Day 156 of the South African lockdown. And we start with one or two newnesses from Amerika:

Sorry, but isn’t this just a little too much shenanigans with a potentially deadly virus?

Okay, it is a bit meanspirited, to sell hand sanitizer costumized like every kid’z favourite fizzy drink. But still … aren’t there any parents in America? Like boring grown-up responsible adults to have an eye on their children’s activities and calories intake and ruin their fun-filled days of summer?

Right on.

More America, respectively the fukn Atlantic Council:

Yes, it must be too disappointing to see streets not filled with the blood of civilians. Mhm, you paper tigers have my full sympathy. 😮

Don’t you guys sometimes feel a bit ashamed to be Westerners? I know I am. Not a good feeling to know you were born on the wrong side. I’m not a fan of China and I hate Russia how only a snow-hating beach bunny can hate that natural fridge-freezer country. But I gotta say they are right! We are wrong! Our politicians and militaries are super exploitative assholes!!! And they’re meddling. Not only in foreign countries’ affairs but with ours’ as well. If at least they would do it with the best for their populations in mind … but NOOO! We are disposable, only good as consumers and taxpayers. And maybe as mothers for their giant armies, too. 😦 Not yet, guys, not on my watch!

Fuk dat. Bad mood now. 😦


You guys take care! Don’t let the bogeyman get ya. Sanitize (outside only!), stay home, love your fellow humans … by staying far away from them and … SURVIVE!

Cya laterz



  1. How stupid can people be? Never mind, I already know. I am proud to be a born and bred USA American, but sad to say the general populous seems to be about as smart a bag of rocks. Our government does not represent us anymore, be it left or right. They would rather stir things up and keep us agitated and confused. What should we do Orca? Vote for the moron or the idiot?

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    • My opinion, honestly?

      “I am proud to be a born and bred USA American”
      Don’t be. Nobody should be proud for something we didn’t have a say in. Everyone of us, living now, or in the future, or dead since 3000 years is a product of pure coincidence.

      We should be proud of our own accomplishments … and happy for being born in the right place at the right time if you love your life. Of course I’m happy to have been born in free West Germany, not in the fukn GDR. But am I proud of what my country did? No.

      Except only, maybe two times: When Schröder refused to send German troops to Iraq and now Merkel telling Trump she’ll stick to Putin and NordStream2. Didn’t know she had a spine. 😮

      “Our government does not represent us anymore, be it left or right.”
      Careful where you step, hun. You only have 2 parties in the USA. Ok, some more but they are insignificant, so basically you have 2 parties. And, sorry to say, they are both like identical twins, far far extreme right/fascistoid on the political scale. They are not normal people’s parties. In most countries such radical parties would be under surveillance or been declared as illegal or organised crime syndicates.

      “Vote for the moron or the idiot?”
      Don’t vote for neither!
      Yes I know, usually I consider it anyone’s democratic duty to vote … but not in the 21st century, not anymore! A vote should be given in good conscience and with the feeling to do a good thing, never to vote for the lesser evil! A vote should be FOR something positive, never cast in protest.

      In 1933 the Germans were sick and tired of the weakling democratic parties and the bad economy, so they voted for something else. In protest against the common parties they voted populist, they cast their votes for the NSDAP, they voted for Hitler! 😦 Same thing happens now again, the populist right wing gets more votes with their simple hateful paroles, Social Democrats and Christian Democrats are sinking down into insignificance, Germany becomes a little America. 😦

      It is a wellknown fact that both your big parties are working against the people of America, they don’t give a wet fart about you and your family, your job, your well-being, your health or anything. They are in power to get personally richer. And they’ll do everything to make it happen. That’s why you won’t get universal health care or reasonable employee rights.

      And that’s why you’re basically fuked when you’re not America but sit on rich oil fields. The Americans, no, not the Americans … the American industrial military complex (billionaires) will destroy your country and steal all the oil. And they have you, the taxpayers and parents of young and stupid soldiers, pay for the free service to deliver them the territories and the oil fields.

      As the situation presents itself right now, on a global scale, the planet is better of with Trump than with Hillary. I guess we’d all be dead by now had she won the election. That’s still no reason to vote for that Orange Utan but you catch my drift, eh? 😉


      • Thank you for your real opinions! I agree with most of your comments but will always stand with the USA no matter how bad the government makes us look.

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        • Becca, although I don’t have a single patriotic bone in my body, please don’t think the world outside of the US is rid of patriots. Quite the contrary. You think Putin would be president of Russia if he wasn’t a glowing patriot, or any other politcian? I guess you must be a patriot in order to be a good president, prime minister, federal chancellor, king, queen, leader, highest cheese … only Trump falls out of the roster, for him his presidency is more a personal vanity project and business opportunity.

          And with him there is no danger the gov’mt will make you all look bad, we know exactly that only 50% of you lot look – and are – bad so bad, so really really bad. 🙂


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