Learning by Doing

Learning how to link to YouTube videos I’ll try it right nownow:

That was easy. 😉

But this was more than just me experimenting with the fubared Blocks Editor, noooo! I really want you to watch this video carefully and maybe grasp how easy it is to switch to Linux. Am I totally satisfied with this guy’s recommendation of ZorinOS as your first system and his choice of Chrome as interwebz browser? No! Absolutely not. But that is the beauty of Linux, everybody can find their own paradise. Some by venturing out into new, unknown areas, others by mimicking their familiar Windows and MacOS enviros and by sticking to the big corps like Google.

Anyhoo, he shows very nicely how to master the first step and get the downloaded ISO file onto a bootable USB thumbdrive.

Now let’s see how this looks in blog …

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