What do they want from me?

Gud moarnink my dear readers,

I done fucked up. 😦 Yesterday, after long warning – and me pigheadedly ignoring it, WordPress finally made their threat becoming a reality. They indeed rolled out their Blocks Editor, formerly known as Gutenberg Editor. At least 99.999% of all WP users hated that thing with a vengeance and blind Orca hung on to the hope the Happiness Engineers at WordPress would finally see the errors in their ways and give up on fuing over their customers.

Boi was I wrong. :/ They just renamed that shit and, just yesterday, made it live. No more ignorance and “I’m too cute to bother” for little Orcsi, reality bites. So I tried to compose a blogpost …

…. which ended catastrophically.

That’s one of the reasons for no content yesterday. Orca was overcome by the new WordPress editor. 😦 You know me, I’m not one for long studies of new tech, I just want everything to work as it always did. And in text- and layout based environment like a blog there is no better way than the traditional word processor, or is there?

WordPress seems to think differently and tries to make us think and work not on empty pages of virtual paper anymore but they crap their Blocks all over my screen …

They expect me to look at all that shite? Stuffz of shit on 3 sides of my screen. Just to write a little blog??? Fukkers, I’m trying to concentrate on my content here!

So as you maybe can imagine I was looking for alternative bloghosts already since a while ago. Ya, I must admit I was aware of the coming onslaught and WP’s self-destruction. I’m not totally blind ya know. But I couldn’t find any worthwile alternative so I pushed the decision of migrating TSB! to a new host further and further and … now it’s too fukn late! 😮 Seems I must deal with it, getting used to this most hateful and atrocious new system.

Or do I?

QuickPublished is a new blog platform I’ll have a look at in the coming days.

I just stumbled upon this new bloggothingie. No idea if it’s foss and really as easy-peasy as they claim. Will hesitantly look into it. And I hope my co-bloggers will do as well. Ladies, let’s discuss.

Lucy, Bia, Trap, can you ladies imagine working in this? Or shall we stick to WP?

It’s 06:09 a.m. here and I’m by now far too tired to do anything. Thank you WP for wearing me out and make me tired of your bullshit! Haven’t I always been your favourite golden egg blogger, paying premium fee and all the good stuff? Only for getting so badly betrayed by you. 😦


    • It’s worth it.
      If the change is for the better.
      Which I highly doubt in this case. The blog is now slower and needs more clicks to do the simplest stuff. :/


  1. It’s not to late!!! You can go to Admin and search till you find the “use Classic editor” option. Or so the email said.

    Failing that, you’re supposed to be able to select a “classic” block.

    I haaaaaate the block editor!!!

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    • Yes, I use the classic editor all the time since only the classic gives me the functions I want. Still a pain in the butt. 😦


          • Yep. I forgot that you said you don’t use a smartphone.

            I know my phone is part of the reason I currently have so much trouble studying… I don’t like trying to read books on the phone nut there’s so much I can do on the thing (unlimited data!) that I rarely crack open my pc anymore.

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  2. 🙁 Orca, I am sorry to learn that you have been distressed by the rollout of WordPress’s new Block Editor.

    Both the free and the premium customers have no choice but to use the Block Editor.

    I knew that this day would eventually come; which is why I made it a priority of mine to learn how to use it (I have been using the Block Editor since in Beta).

    I have had a look at QuickPublisher; their free plan only allows users to post up to fifty articles, whereas, their Flying Solo Plan (which costs $15.99 annually) allows the user to post unlimited articles.

    Sorry, my friend. I do not think that QuickPublisher is an ideal replacement for WordPress.

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    • “you have been distressed”

      No. They just made me angry.

      “(I have been using the Block Editor since in Beta).”

      Whoa! I did never care about that shit. I hated it, didn’t wanna use it, didn’t wanna spend any time on such nonsense like a simple blog.

      “I have had a look at QuickPublisher; their free plan only allows users to post up to fifty articles, whereas, their Flying Solo Plan (which costs $15.99 annually) allows the user to post unlimited articles.”

      Oh, I’m paying now for my WP plan as well. And I guess it’s more than for QP. I must look into all their functions before making a decision.

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    • Hi There. My name is Rotimi. I am the creator of QuickPublisher. Thank you for posting about it. I really appreciate it. Apologies for the mis-information. I just updated the website. The free plan allows you to post unlimited number of articles, easily design your articles, publish with one click and more. Please feel free to ask more questions, comments, etc.. I am also available via twitter @rotimi_je_suis

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      • 🙂 Hi, Rotimi. Thank you for making the necessary correction in regards to the free plan.

        Since I do not have a Twitter account, I will have to rely solely on interacting with you via the comments thread.

        I would like to ask, what type of Editor is used for the QuickPublisher platform? Is it a simple editor? Or is it the Block Editor that a lot of WordPress users are trying to avoid?

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        • Very good question, Renard. When QP also comes with something complicated instead of just a wordprocessor, I could stick with WP. But I’ll test it out anyway.

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        • Thanks for the comment Renard. No problem. Here is also fine.. No QP does not use this block editor. It uses a simple editor with WYSIWYG features. You can easily design your article posts the same way you edit your word documents.

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          • 🙂 That is good to know, Rotimi. A lot of people would gravitate to that kind of simplicity.

            I have one more question, can a QuickPublisher user adjust the fonts along with its size?

            Personally, I think that the fonts are a bit too small and its current size does not look all that appealing (I hope that you do not view that statement of mine as an insult but as constructive criticism).

            I would prefer professional-looking fonts; for example, the type that is used by the folks over at Medium.

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      • Thx very much for popping in, Rotimi. I’ll try QP out as soon as I find the time, probably even this week.
        One question: How are photos handled in QP?


        • Hi there Ocra. Thanks for the comment. QP handles photos with its in-built file manager. While creating/editing your posts, using QP’s editor, Easily upload as many photos,videos, etc and then attach them to your posts while being on the same page. Manipulate the photo(s) via resizing, enlarging and adding custom HTML attributes to further customize said photo and entire article post.

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  3. Yeah, Block Editor is terrible, and once you try it it never goes away. My other blog was started in 2004, and I never tried Block Editor there so apparently Classic Editor is staying (so far). I use the old Dashboard version of Admin for both blogs. In Linux Newbie blog from Dashboard (WP Admin) > Posts > All Posts, there is Add New in upper left corner w/ a drop-down menu. It offers the Block Editor ‘n Classic Editor as choices. Not sure how long we get the choice, but that Block Editor is a pain.

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    • “In Linux Newbie blog from Dashboard (WP Admin) > Posts > All Posts, there is Add New in upper left corner w/ a drop-down menu.”
      Ya, I guess I’ve seen it before. Will try it out later.

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  4. It took me a while to get use to the new editor, but overall, I’m pretty happy with it. For the most part, it stays out of my way while I’m typing, which suits me just fine. I should add that my blog is self-hosted and connected to the mothership via the Jetpack plugin, so that might have a bearing on my experience.

    I’ve looked into alternative blogging systems, but most of them are either prohibitively expensive, lacking in features, or require too much bootstrapping for my liking if they’re static site generators. WordPress ain’t perfect, but I know my way around it and can keep it working pretty well, so that’s what I’m sticking with.

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      • For long-form blog posts, I tend to write those offline then copy-paste into a draft post on my blog. By default, WordPress just pastes those in as regular paragraphs, and I can then format and add links, images and other crap as I like. YMMV, of course.


    • Yes, it has many advantages and since they make a kinda blogger community my blog got a lot of built-in reader automatically. People who have nothing to do with Second Life or sailing but are just fellow WP bloggers.

      I’m not complaining. 😉

      My gripe with WP is that they make blogging unnecessarily complicated and a lot less fun. 😦


        • I shall find out if all that is possible on QP as well, if I ever muster up the energy to actually go there and try it out.


      • Forgot to mention — because my blog is self-hosted and not on, I do my post creation and editing on my site, so the experience is a bit different for me. I’ve tried writing posts using the WordPress app on my computer and tablet, but I found it didn’t always work, possibly because it has to communicate with my self-hosted site. So, I cut out the middleman. 🙂

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